Wisdom In Him



“For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those who walk is blameless” (Proverbs 2:6-7)

It is not a natural thing for a porcupine to look in a mirror! So how does the porcupine know that his appearance is his defense? It is through action, experience and the unique way he was created.

Observe the above photo. Did you find the porcupine? He is protected from harm while he gets a bite to eat. He has required knowledge and understanding for him to be successful in his surroundings. For our wisdom, we need to observe God by how God works in the world. He is our defence, protection and safety.

Seek God! Seek the Bible!

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for your gifts. We know that wisdom is there for us, forgive us for not searching for it persistently. Thank you for your protection and keeping us from harm. To be able to “walk upright” help us to take action. Help us to create us for You. In Jesus name.





“The fear of the LORD leads to life, then one rests content untouched by trouble” (Proverbs 19:23 NIV)

It did snow! Looking outside, the green that was there the day before has been covered with a thin layer of snow. The “calmness” remained knowing that spring is here. We knew, as that day progressed Spring would show green again in the grasses. As the snow melted that day and over the next day, the grasses appeared even greener against the last remaining patches of snow. The grasses remained “untouched” by the snow. The melting of the snow moved into the soil for growth.

As we grow in our faith, “the fear of the LORD” does begin to be our resource. We begin to receive His knowledge and His wisdom through His Word. God’s intentions are good! But that does not mean that we will never be troubled. We must have “respect for the LORD” to be able to want to please Him.

 Every day the sun provides energy that the grasses use; it continues to grow throughout the night by processing that energy. This is why we see a growth spurt first thing in the morning. Every day and every night through prayer and God’s Word, we grow in Christ. Our growth spurts are when we allow God to move into us so we can obtain His wisdom and depart from evil, “untouched by trouble”.

 Our Heavenly Father, we know Spring is here. Thank you! As the roots of the grasses rest deeply in the soil, forgive us for not resting deeply in You. Thank you for being our nonstop resource! Help us to wait. Help us to be patient. We know with Your help we will surface and be visible like the green grasses of Spring.

 For Your glory. Amen.

Precious and Beautiful

 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

Then you will find favor and good name in the sight of God and man” (Proverbs 3:3-4 NIV)

Since my Mom is 82, I have been her daughter for 56 years! As a youngster, I put my faith in my Mom because I knew she loved me. Our bond started early even before I was born; when Mom was pregnant, she took care of herself for me. After I was born, she provided me with my needs and wants. As I grew to become a teenager and young adult; it was through her actions she continued to love me. Our bond is everlasting!

God’s love is also unconditional. God’s faithfulness reminds us He never changes. Every day God provides us with love, mercy and grace.

Growing up there were times when my desire was not always to please and obey my Mom. But, with her unconditional love, followed (eventually) was my understanding. Furthermore, I am not always faithful to God. However, God is always able to let me know that He is there; He is reliable; He loves me. Like Mom, God wants the best for me and loves me no matter what.

Mom, I love you! Praise the Lord!

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for making your love known to me. Thank you for giving me the right person to be my Mom. Forgive me for the times when my actions and attitudes are not always loyal and responsible. Thank you for being loving and faithful which allows me to live with hope.

Help us to love and honour our Moms and love and honour You.

For Your glory. Amen.