A Wait in Time

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” (Psalms 27:13-14 ESV)

Observe in the above photo. Showed clearly is the display of humility and trust between Rocky the cat and Ginger the dog. While Rocky is catching up on hisneeded z’s in Ginger’s bed, Ginger waits patiently in Rocky’s bed for Rocky to wake up.

Rocky and Ginger were obviously going through a wait in time. In that present time Ginger was confident she would see that situation through. She demonstrated unconditional love and faithfulness while Rocky seemed to live out that time without a worry in the world. Ginger obviously knew from experience and wisdom what it meant to wait on Rocky. Ginger had the ability to endure the patience needed to let Rocky sleep because Ginger had expectations and hope that Rocky will wake up soon.

As Christians, it is not easy to “wait on the Lord” even though Rocky showcased it was easy. “In our present time”, it does not matter who we are – we all wait. Our wait in time can be insignificant or monumental.

Based on how Rocky and Ginger treated each other through their wait time, they provided valuable lessons on how we can “wait on the Lord”. They both were able to coexist instead of competing with each otherduring their wait in time. Both exhibited incredible strength: Ginger with her patience, forgiveness and thankfulness for having Rocky as a friend; and, Rockywith his ability to trust Ginger enough that he couldrelax and re-energize with calmness.

We never know when we will have a wait in time; but, we can coexist with those waits! If we can see through the example of Rocky and Ginger, we can rest in God’s goodness and receive positive changes while waiting. We need to remember to humble ourselves because it is God who put us in our waiting time and our life is not ours – it’s His. And, each time we find ourselveswaiting on the Lord, it is another opportunity given to us by God to express ourselves in a powerful and loving way. By demonstrating our faith in Our Heavenly Father we put our trust in Him and others above ourselves. By acting in a Godly manner we will receive joy!

(Photo provided by my sister-in-law, Valerie Egener. Rocky and Ginger are two out-of-four of their adorable four-legged familymembers.)

A Snapshot in September

The end of my summer was determined during the long weekend in September. It happened during a bare foot walk on the beach with my son. It was a point in time followed by an anticipation of God’s will for my future.

The Lake was in constant motion similar to water in a washing machine. At one end of the beach it is sand, then there are other areas where there is sand and small rock mix, and along the side close to the bluff it is all rock. That day, the wind blew my hair in no permanent direction which provided me with an unconcerned freshness for the outing. Smooth, sharp, hot, and cool were old sensations surfacing when our bare feet were introduced to that environment. Our conversations hovered around this past spring and the summer which pushed forward old snapshots of memories of walking barefoot on the beach with both of my children when they were younger.

In the Bible it is written that Moses saw a flaming bush that didn’t burn up. As he approached to investigate the Lord spoke to him from the fire. “When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” (Exodus 3:1-4). God spoke to Moses to provide guidance and He did it through an unexpected source: a burning bush. There are many points in time in the Bible when God communicated His guidance through many unexpected sources, thoughts and experiences.

COVID-19 was our unexpected unwanted guest arriving in spring and still remaining. Therefore, my summer was time mostly spent at the cottage returning home for a few overnighters. My ventures out were usually for necessities. However, I did manage to produce a comfort level when I participated in the outside venues with safety rules enforced. The highlight – the “burning bush”, “ and now known to me as my “unexpected source” – was the walk on the beach with my son – the expressive and beautiful beginning to a new season and an acceptance of my summer, a summer like no other.

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for your surprising look down the road just travelled. Your way and timing is perfect! We all have had points in time that are not always presented as a clear picture. None of us can predict the future. But in Your timing and with us paying attention to You, I believe each of us will have enough of our own snapshots to fill an album providing us with a meaning to Your plan, as well an appreciation beyond description. YOU ARE A GOOD FATHER!

In Memory of Adrien-David Robichaud

Do What We Can …

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty” Proverbs 21:5 (NIV)

As I look through the Contents of the *2019 Annual Report for Morning Gate Church Inc., I see a large list of opportunities that were used to serve God. I am not going to list them because each one of the used opportunities deserves equal recognition. By persevering in doing good works, those involved were earnest, hardworking, and dutiful. Did you know that those qualities are the definition of the word diligence? And those involved would not have been able to attempt to begin those tasks without their devotion: love, loyalty and faithfulness in God. 

In the Bible when Jesus was laid in the Tomb, it says that “Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph saw where he was laid.”  These women could do very little but they did what they could. They remained at the cross until Jesus died. They followed Jesus` body to the tomb and prepared spices for his body. They were the first to witness the resurrection because God blessed their devotion and diligence.

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for the abilities for us to be available for you. Forgive us for the times when we are inactive and become bored. Thank you for the “profit” we received in 2019 through the used opportunities to please you. Often times, it is our inadequacies and inabilities that keep us from being available to you God. We ask that we worry less about what we cannot do and make it a habit for us to do more than expected. In Jesus name. Amen.

*The 2019 Annual Report, Morning Gate Church Inc, Fredericton, New Brunswick is obtainable from Kelly Dorcas, Office Administrator at Morning Gate Chruch. Contact Information: Office # (506) 458-0093; e-mail address: mgc@bellaliant.com.

Enjoy Being Here Now

“The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction” (Proverbs 16:21 NIV)

On Sunday, March 1st, it was Fellowship Day at Morning Gate Church. While I was waiting near the end of the lineup that was moving forward into the Fellowship Room, I started to strike up a conversation with a “young” 85 years of age person. I asked the question, “how could I pray for you?” With an unexpected but joyful response, that person mentioned that she could drive herself to and from places and get herself to church; she mentioned that her health has been well. I observed her patience while waiting in line and her friendly smile and willingness to connect with me.

I valued having to wait in that line because of that person’s attentiveness and faithfulness. She loves God and others. She was able to bring joy to me, herself and praise to God.

God is part of our everyday life!

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for your attentiveness you provide to us. Forgive us for being pursuers of our needs and time rather than being attentive. Thank you for providing us with opportunities to refocus on what truly matters. We ask for continued encouragement so we can improve on being able to give fully to life with fewer distractions. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Order Required

Proverbs 28:13 (NIV) “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy”.

Have you ever had an unexpected person pierce you with pain? It hurts! It hurts so much that you begin to deal with it in a vigorous way. Filled with unwanted emotion, you plow forward with continued reaction until you make the swoop to seize the pain. Coming down you begin to fill up with more unwanted emotion. You ask yourself, “What just happened?” By sorting through the responses that surfaced, you are in a state of disbelief.  Plus, you are offended by the person who did cause the pain.

With time, it is revealed to you the sin(s) you have committed and the truth of the pain that you received. God is our encourager and our motivator! Therefore, we must turn to God to repent and own our sin(s). He guides our heart and knows the attitude of our heart. Therefore, He will know when we are sorry.

God showed me the virtue of my repentance. As it happens, I am a person who had responded negatively toward someone who provided me with the truth. By God using the unexpected person to correct my harshness, He finally received my attention for His plan. It was then when my lesson started to unfold. 

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for revealing our sins and for the knowledge to know when we need to make a change. Without your mercy our hearts remain harsh. Thank you for relieving our suffering by bringing it out into the open. We ask for the tools needed to achieve positive results and that we can be of aid to others. We ask in Jesus name and in Your Glory. Amen.

— Jean