“The fear of the LORD leads to life, then one rests content untouched by trouble” (Proverbs 19:23 NIV)

It did snow! Looking outside, the green that was there the day before has been covered with a thin layer of snow. The “calmness” remained knowing that spring is here. We knew, as that day progressed Spring would show green again in the grasses. As the snow melted that day and over the next day, the grasses appeared even greener against the last remaining patches of snow. The grasses remained “untouched” by the snow. The melting of the snow moved into the soil for growth.

As we grow in our faith, “the fear of the LORD” does begin to be our resource. We begin to receive His knowledge and His wisdom through His Word. God’s intentions are good! But that does not mean that we will never be troubled. We must have “respect for the LORD” to be able to want to please Him.

 Every day the sun provides energy that the grasses use; it continues to grow throughout the night by processing that energy. This is why we see a growth spurt first thing in the morning. Every day and every night through prayer and God’s Word, we grow in Christ. Our growth spurts are when we allow God to move into us so we can obtain His wisdom and depart from evil, “untouched by trouble”.

 Our Heavenly Father, we know Spring is here. Thank you! As the roots of the grasses rest deeply in the soil, forgive us for not resting deeply in You. Thank you for being our nonstop resource! Help us to wait. Help us to be patient. We know with Your help we will surface and be visible like the green grasses of Spring.

 For Your glory. Amen.