Dawn and dusk have no specific time as sunrise and sunset occur differently every day but they are both positioned at either side of our day. Saying our prayers in the morning and evening provide support and keep us upright. Those prayers represent bookends of our daily prayers. They provide equal glory even though they happen at opposite times of the day.

Morning Prayer:

Heavenly Father, as this day begins I am focusing my attention on You. I do not know what this day will bring, but at this moment I know “How great Thou art”. When I was looking out the window at the grey view of my surroundings, it was not long before the morning rays of light begin to provide the objects with color. It was within those moments of transformation, “Thy power throughout the universe displayed”. I am peacefully blessed that I am in your care. I pray that you stay with me throughout this day and let me show others your hope and joy.  Amen.

“How Great Thou Art” is a hymn written by Stuart K. Hine. “Thy power throughout the universe displayed” is a line from that hymn.

Evening Prayer:

Heavenly Father, this is a busy time of the day for me and I pray that I can quiet myself to focus on You. It is the right time to thank you for the many blessings I have been given today. It is only through you that I am able to nourish the lives of other people. And for that I am grateful! I would ask for Your forgiveness for the sins I have done and for the sins I may not beware that I did do. I ask that you protect my enemies, acquaintances, friends, family and me during the night. As I sit here in prayer, I am aware that I have slowed myself down by being in Your presence. For that I thank you! Amen.