“He who trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous shall flourish as the green leaf” (Proverbs 11:28)


There is a person who has made a commitment to invest some time into line dancing. This person was drawn to the idea because of the love of music. Thought it would also provide an opportunity to socialize with others with the same interest; keep physically active; and, line dancing could be that one more thing that could fill up another portion of a day.
Line dancing has been an investment that has this person flourishing. It enhanced the emotional and mental well-being and it provided a more fulfilled and meaningful life. This person found good relationships, contentment, self-acceptance, rest, love and a connection to God.

 God supplies us with more so we can give more. This person has become a line dancer who has entertained and provided joy to other people by performing. Volunteered to register other line dancers so they could go to events with other people who love to line dance. But most importantly, this person has established friendships with other line dancers and provides to their needs off the dance floor. This person invests in the way that is faithful to God’s word.

 As scripture says, we will lose in our investments if we only look at ourselves. Surrender to God and trust in God alone not riches. We build in our investments when giving and not by taking more.

 Our Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us hope and for guiding our actions. As we don’t know what happens from one day to the next, forgive us for not accepting our realities; forgive us for not acknowledging our riches. For being able to place our confidence in You, we thank you. As we sit and rest looking at Your sunset, we ask that You encourage us. Encourage us to continue to invest in You so we will receive life and nourishment and so we can flourish and grow in grace and knowledge.

 In Your Glory. Amen.


Photograph: Taken at Northumberland Strait, NS. Photo provided by Diane Fraser.