“The most wonderful places to be in the world are: in Someone’s thoughts; in Someone’s prayers; and in Someone’s heart” (Author unknown)

The temperatures are getting warmer, more daylight hours are provided and the breezes are refreshing. Spring 2020 is being revealed! Spring is beginning to push away the colder temperatures, shorter daylight hours and cold winds. We welcome Spring by connecting with nature and people.

As we begin to awaken from our “winter hibernation”, the global outbreak of 1Coronavirus (COVID-19) has also been revealed. As we know, it is a respiratory illness. And to prevent the spreading of the disease, we have been advised to practise social-distancing, and for some they are to be in self-isolation or isolation.

Spring is a time of year to embrace and adapt to the changing season. And Spring 2020 is no different. What is different is how we do it!

Since we have been advised to practise “social-distancing”, we are to be mindful of the members of the community who are more vulnerable to the disease. Spring is being revealed! To make reference to the above quote, “social-distancing” does not have to mean we have no places to go and nothing to do. It is revealed that our society needs to change. By acknowledging the vulnerable, we are welcoming spring to us and to them. When we change and adapt to embrace COVID-19, we will overcome the restrictions that have been placed on us. As a society, we will become more knowledgeable and grateful through this season.

Spring 2020 is blooming with God’s creativity and His purpose. With the “social distancing”, creatively we can love one another and provide hope. 2“Bloom where you are planted”.
Our Heavenly Father, thank You for opening us up to experience the places where we are vulnerable but able to blossom. Forgive us for closing our eyes and not seeing COVID-19 as a blessing; a gift from You. We ask that you present us with ways that we can creatively spring open to love as You do. In Jesus name. Amen.

1Coronavirus information / updates: Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) at www.canada.ca/en/public-health; Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at www.cdc.gov; The World Health Organization (WHO) at www.who.int. 2Mary Englebreit made the phrase famous in her book, Mary Englebrit: The Art and The Artist.