Doug and Deb MacDonald

Deborah MacDonald is a woman of faith who is passionate about her God. She loves deeply and desires to see people drawn to the Lord and set free to live the abundant life for Him.

She is a woman after God’s heart who dares to be different; using unusual (unique) ideas and insights. A ‘diverse package’ designed by God to make an impact for the Kingdom in these last days.

Deb, as she likes to be called, wears many hats and well-traveled Birkenstock sandals. She knows the way to the Father and is willing to lead others to Him. Deb has a real heart for people who are drawn to her because of her passionate love for the Lord. She has compassion for those who are in need and her heart is to see everyone free and living in the Spirit.

She is an annointed conference speaker and Bible teacher, worship pastor/leader, singer/song writer, music teacher, spiritual “coach,” children’s minister, inspirational writer and radio personality. She has also has quite a sense of humour! She and her husband also mediate relational conflicts, both marriage and personal relationships. She is trustworthy and uses her God-given wisdom wisely. Deb is also a recent cancer survivor.

Deb and her husband Doug, have a ministry called Nomad Ministries, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Eastern Canada). Their vision is to do whatever/wherever/whenever, as God calls. They have a team of loyal supporters called the ‘Nomads’ who work with them in the ministry and share their vision. They have two grown children and six grandchildren.

You can email Pastor Deb at